Why Affiliate Marketing for my business?

Affiliate marketing attracts spenders

Affiliate Marketing can be an impor­tant component in the success of your online marketing efforts. It can quickly expand your market reach, drive qualified site traffic, and in­crease online sales. Plus, its low risk, pay-for-performance model makes it one of the most cost-effective mar­keting channels available.

Retailers only pay a com­mission for successful efforts, such as the sale of your products resulting from qualified traffic that affiliates drive to your site. It can help online retailers establish a strong brand presence on the web with very low initial and on-going costs of marketing

Forrester forecasts U.S. affiliate marketing spending will increase by a compounded annual growth rate of nearly 17 percent between 2011 and 2016, growing to $4.5 billion. 

Are you ready for this?


Key findings from the study included:

  • Affiliate marketing spend is on the rise and will keep pace with other areas of digital spend through 2016.
  • The affiliate channel produces new-to-file customers and generates incremental customer acquisition.
  • The affiliate channel attracts consumers who spend more than the average online shopper and are profitable for advertisers.
  • Affiliate marketing helps trigger brand reconsideration and often closes the sale for online shoppers.
  • Promotions in the affiliate channel have a positive impact on an advertiser’s brand reputation and loyalty.

One thought on “Why Affiliate Marketing for my business?

  1. This is very informative! I am launching a new website soon, and will be reading this blog for your tips. I also plan to contact you for personalized service.

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