Shopping Online in 2012

If you are selling a product or service online you have to know these facts:

Coupons and Promo Codes are Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. Today’s customers are deal driven. They seek out deals as well as the best value. A slow economy has only fueled shopper interest in couponing and discounting, and younger generations are increasingly expecting incentives as a matter of course for most purchases.
  2. The affiliate channel caters to today’s multi-site, multi-brand shopper. Ninety percent of affiliate shoppers visit more than one site before making a purchase. In addition, they are more likely to buy a product they find on multiple sites and prefer to shop on sites that carry multiple brands. The affiliate channel addresses the needs of these content-hungry consumers by offering deep and broad product, pricing, and availability information. ln addition, the channel specializes in closing the deal by offering special promotions and discounts.
  3. Promotions encourage online buyers to purchase. Online buyers often participate in what Forrester calls pause-and-resume commerce: Once they have begun the checkout process, online buyers will pause to search for deals before purchasing. Forty-three percent of respondents agreed that online promotions often close the deal for them when they are undecided on a purchase.
  4. Affiliate marketing favorably increases consumer perception of brands. It behooves brands and retailers to be omnipresent in affiliate channels. Not only do promotions NOT degrade brand image, but also a majority of respondents agreed that promotions actually improved a company’s brand image and enhanced brand loyalty.

Source: A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned By RakutenlinkShare. “Forrester Affiliate Marketing -The Direct And Indirect ValueThat Affiliates Deliver To Advertisers”

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