Reaching Affiliates with Holiday Promotions

Ebates e-mail 5.11 screen shot deal of the week

Online marketing thrives on key holidays, and the affiliate channel is no different. Your affiliates are looking for a reason to promote you, and providing them with special deals around key holidays gives your brand the opportunity to get featured on their web sites/blogs to bring in new customers.

Mother’s Day 2015 is just around the corner, and if you have a product that can be given as a gift, you must set up a promotion and communicate it right away to your partners.

Tips for reaching affiliates before a holiday:

  1. Create a special offer for your affiliates, and send them a heads-up with sale details at least 2 weeks before the holiday so that they have time to prepare a write up about your brand.
  2. Some great holiday promotions include: Free Shipping, a % off between 10-20% at minimum, or a buy one get one (BOGO). If you really want to go crazy, offer 2 of these incentives at the same time!
  3. Create a promo code. You can create one general promo code, and do what we call a “vanity code” for your larger affiliate partners. A vanity code includes the name of the partner in it and typically helps convert better because the customer feels like they are getting an exclusive deal, which they often are.
  4. Most large shopping sites such as Ebates charge a placement fee to get optimized, but if your business revolves around gifting, you should think about doing this. Another way to get around a paid placement might be to offer the web site a higher commission during the holiday in exchange for a good spot on their site. For example if you pay affiliates a 7% commission, consider offering 15% for a holiday placement for a short time to get some extra traffic.


Here is a list of key marketing holidays for 2015 to keep handy courtesy of Fandom Marketing.



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