Affiliate Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2016 and Beyond

If you are an e-commerce retailer with an affiliate program it is vital that you provide your affiliates with a Valentine’s promotion at least 2 weeks prior to Feb 14th. Valentine’s is a key sales driver for many products, including the more traditional jewelry, fragrance, lingerie, wine, and food. But guess what…

2016 is changing, and those traditional gifts have evolved into the longer lasting products and services provided by monthly subscription services. Who would not love to receive a box every month with a load of your favorite stuff?

I manage the affiliate program for a sock subscription service called Sock Panda, and we have been doing something a little different than the typical “10,15, or 20% off your order”. We started promoting “Get a 7th month Free with a 6 month subscription”, and have seen the average order value go from $27 to $55 over the past 3 mos. It’s a win-win, the consumer gets the free month of product, and we gain 6 months of recurring revenue. (expect some cancellations). Your affiliates will love it because it is a great deal and helps bring the consumer across the finish line so they can earn their commission. 7th month Free example: 7th month Free example:








If you are not able to do this type of promotion with your product, other top converting promotions that affiliates love are “Free Shipping” “Free Valentine’s card or gift wrapping”, and “Gift with purchase”. This could be product samples or a very low priced item that you have overstock on. I like what these 2 companies have done around holidays, Gold Medal Wine Club and Clinique. Free Gift Wrapping and Card example: Free Gift Wrapping and Card example:



 Free Valentines’ tote on affiliate coupon site example:

clinique offer





Here is a list of key marketing holidays for 2016 to keep handy courtesy of Fandom Marketing. (I love this thing)

Fandom Marketing 2017 Calendar

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